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justcurl.com - create and install virtual hosts for Apache


bash <( curl -H 'x-docroot: /var/www/vhosts/example.com' -H 'x-port: 80' -H 'x-install: wordpress' -H 'host: example.com' justcurl.com ) ...


justcurl.com is a site that was created to alleviate the need to perform virtual host installations. Piping curl output through BASH will result in the code being executed on your local machine, if you wish to see what's happening, simply don't pipe through BASH! We use Apache headers to send options


-H "x-port: 80"

Specify the port which the virtual host should be installed. If no port is specified, port 80 will be used.

-H "x-docroot: /var/www/vhosts/example.com"

Specify the document root for the virtual host to be installed to. If no document root is given the default value of '/var/www/vhosts/{hostname}' will be used.

-H "x-install: wordpress"

**Warning: Feature in test! Use with caution! - May overwrite data!**

Install Wordpress into the location of your new virtual host,   running this will cause any files with the same name to be   overwritten. A MySQL database will be created based off   your expected hostname, as will a new user. A random password   will also be generated and used.


None known, but please submit any to: linzta {at} gmail {dot} com


The following will install the "example.com" virtual host with a fresh Wordpress installation:  

bash <( curl -H "host: example.com" -H "x-install: wordpress" justcurl.com )


MaxClients checker by me has been removed, URL now forwards to an updated version of ApacheBuddy.

bash <( curl maxclients.justcurl.com )

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